Fun Fact: Your body is made of 65% oxygen, 18% carbon, 10% hydrogen, 3% nitrogen, 1.5% calcium 1% phosphorus and 1% of 6 other elements.

pie chart of main elements of the human body

Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society

What is SAACS?

The Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society (commonly known as SAACS) is the Chemistry Club here on campus. We are an organization that is interested in chemistry and its application in the world.

Who can join SAACS?

Any undergraduate with an interest in chemistry can join (yes, that means you donít need a Chemistry, or Biochemistry, major or minor to join). However, if you are a Chemistry or Biochemistry major/minor, you are encouraged to join. All you have to do is fill out an application and pay a membership fee (fee being $10 per semester or $15 per year).

When does SAACS meet?

Once the new semester starts up, we will have a time and place ready for you.

How can I contact SAACS?

Thatís the easy part. Just email us at for any questions, concerns, and ideas you may have about SAACS.

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