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Dr. Joi Weeks Endowed Scholarship
for Chemistry and Biochemistry Students

Joi Weeks photo
Dr. Joi Weeks in the Sohl lab

The Dr. Joi Weeks Endowed Scholarship

The SDSU Department of Chemistry faculty are honoring the memory of Dr. Joi Weeks by establishing a scholarship to financially empower African American chemistry students destined to make this world a better place.

How to make a tax-deductible donation:

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Make check payable to The Campanile Foundation, add "Joi Weeks Scholarship" as a note, and mail to:
      The Campanile Foundation
      Attn:  Gift Administration
      5500 Campanile Drive
      San Diego, CA  92182-1968

Who was Dr. Joi Weeks?

Dr. Weeks defended her PhD in May 2020 from the Sohl Lab and was diagnosed with breast cancer two months later. She ultimately succumbed to complications related to the disease on Sept. 14, 2020. Due to her scientific curiosity coupled with a challenging path, Joi could claim expertise in cancer immunology, cancer biology, genetics, developmental biology, chemistry, and biochemistry. Joi's keen intellect was matched with a true passion for science, incredible work ethic, a persistent drive for success, a truly extraordinary kind, empathetic, and resilient demeanor, and a quickness to smile and laugh. As a Black woman in science, she took seriously the role of serving as an inspiration for younger BIPOC scientists while overcoming her own experiences of implicit and explicit questioning of her own belonging in science. Dr. Joi Weeks inspired us all to be better scientists, better mentors, better teachers, and better humans. Please read the Sohl Lab's remembrance here to learn more about Joi.