CSL building, SDSU

Upcoming Events

Dec 04Dept. Seminar – Prof. Nicole LaRonde, University of Maryland, Zoom, 4:00 PM
Jan 29Dept. Seminar – Prof. Morgan Sammons, University at Albany, Zoom, 4:00 PM
Feb 26Dept. Seminar – Prof. Peter Zhang, Boston College, Zoom, 4:00 PM
Mar 26Dept. Seminar – Prof. Yat Li, UC Santa Cruz, Zoom, 4:00 PM
Apr 02Dept. Seminar – Prof. Katharine White, University of Notre Dame, GMCS-301, 4:00 PM


  • Please join the Department faculty in contributing to the Dr. Joi Weeks Endowed Scholarship to support African American students pursuing degrees in Chemistry and Biochemistry.
  • Spring 2021 lab courses:
    • CHEM 100, 200, and 410A will be fully online in Spring 2021, no in-person labs.
    • CHEM 202, 251, 417, 432, 457, and 567 will all meet (at least partly) in-person in Spring 2021.
    • CHEM 201 Sections 1,3,11 only will meet in-person. All other sections of 201 will be fully online.
  • Spring 2021 CHEM 100 and CHEM 200 students! Please see important information about the Chem Placement Exam.
  • Congratulations to Prof. Diane Smith and coauthors including Prof. Jeff Gustafson on the acceptance of an exciting new paper in JACS, reporting the first example of an important electrochemical transformation of hydrogen bonding arrays.
  • Prof. Carl Carrano has been appointed Editor in Chief of the journal BioMetals and co-Guest Editor for a special issue of Frontiers in Microbiology on "The Role of Bacterial-Algal Interactions in Harmful Algal Blooms." Congratulations, Carl!