Laura-Isobel McCall

Associate Professor, bioanalytical chemistry

office: GMCS 213B
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Curriculum Vitae

  • B.S., McGill University, 2009
  • Ph.D., McGill University, 2013
  • Postdoctoral Researcher, U.C. San Francisco, 2013-2014
  • Postdoctoral Researcher, U.C. San Diego, 2014-2017
  • Assistant and Associate Professor, University of Oklahoma, 2017-2023
  • Associate Professor, San Diego State University, 2023-present

Research Interests

The McCall laboratory uses cutting-edge analytical chemistry instrumentation to answer critical biological questions. Our main approach implements state-of-the-art ultra-high performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (UHPLC-MS/MS). High-resolution MS/MS data is then analyzed using big data computational tools and novel metabolomics techniques such as molecular networking and fragmentation trees. We are particularly interested in understanding how small molecule spatial distribution relates to function, by integrating 3D modeling with our mass spectrometry data, an approach called “chemical cartography”. Alterations in chemical signaling and metabolism play key roles in disease progression and susceptibility. Small molecules also mediate the function of the microbiome, and human interactions with the environment. Our unique chemical cartography approach enables us to understand metabolism in its spatial context, providing us with novel insights into human physiology, host-microbe and microbe-microbe interactions, microbiome function, and human behavior. We also pursue translational applications of our work, using insights from our metabolomics datasets to create new diagnostic tests and to identify new targets for drug development. We are actively recruiting new students interested in analytical chemistry methods, biochemistry, and cross-disciplinary research in a dynamic and diverse work environment.

Recent Publications

  1. "Kavouris JA, McCall LI, Giardini MA, De Muylder G, Thomas D, Garcia-Pérez A, Cantizani J, Cotillo I, Fiandor JM, McKerrow JH, De Oliveira CI, Siqueira-Neto JL, González S, Brown LE, Schaus SE.,"
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    Untargeted Fecal Metabolomic Analyses across an Industrialization Gradient Reveal Shared Metabolites and Impact of Industrialization on Fecal Microbiome-Metabolome Interactions.,
    mSystems 7, e0071022 (2022). (doi: 10.1128/msystems.00710-22.)
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  9. "Dean DA, Haffner JJ, Katemauswa M, McCall LI.,"
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