Department Staff

These are the people who actually keep the Department of Chemistry running.

Office Staff

Laura Cervini
Business Manager

Laura is responsible for financial matters regarding the Department.

Jeanette Corona
Administrative Assistant
GMCS 209

Please see Jeanette for the following:

  • Graduate Admissions Assistant
  • Key issue
  • Distribution of special study add codes
  • Holiday Party/Summer BBQ
  • Fac/TA evaluations
  • Room reservations (for CSL 508 and GMCS 217)
  • Seminar Coordinator
  • Adjunct appointments
  • Distribution of parking permits

Reneé Stephen
Office Manager
GMCS 209

Reneé is responsible for overseeing office matters regarding the Department.

  • Refer an issue to the Chair
  • Student Grievance Procedures
  • Class scheduling
  • TA assignments
  • Lecturer and Student contracts
  • Faculty/Grant contracts
  • Academic Transaction Forms
  • RTP process
  • Faculty travel
  • Commencement Coordinator
  • Special Study Grades
  • Faculty/Staff Attendance
  • HR issues
  • Evening Exam/Review Session Reservations
  • Instructional Student Assistants (hiring process)
  • Faculty Searches
  • Chemistry Scholarships

Instructional and Technical Staff

Bennett Addison
NMR Facility Director
CSL 225A

Bennett keeps all the Department's NMR spectrometers (600 MHz, 500 MHz, and 400 MHz) operating, and assists students and faculty with data acquisition and analysis.

Mark Gelle
Organic Storeroom Supervisor
CSL 505

Mark shares responsibility for support of all the freshman-level laboratory courses, including Chem 100, 102, 200, 201, and 202. Mark also serves as the Department's Property Clerk.

Marcia Godinez
Freshman Storeroom Supervisor
CSL 531

Marcia runs the stockroom that furnishes materials to all of the lower division laboratory courses including Chem 100, 102, 200, 201, and 202, serving some 800 students each semester.

Maria Penalosa
Solutions Storeroom Supervisor
CSL 504B

Maria and the student staff, in the Organic & Upper Division Stores (the Solutions Room, CSL-504, and the Equipment Stockroom, CSL-503) support the upperdivision teaching labs (including Chem 232L, 251, and 432L) by preparing and staging reagents and instruments, and managing their hazardous wastes. Research labs can arrange for the issue of some chemicals and equipment when available, then provide replacements to the teaching stock.