CSL building, SDSU

Upcoming Events

Aug 27Dept. Seminar – Prof. Robin Grote, Otterbein University, GMCS-217, 11:00 AM
Aug 30Dept. Seminar – Prof. David Patrick , Western Washington University , GMCS-301, 4:00 PM
Sep 20Dept. Seminar – Dr. Arthur Hauenstein and Dr. Danielle DiTirro, SMOC Therapeutics and Brandeis University, GMCS-301, 4:00 PM
Sep 27Dept. Seminar – Professor Tamir Gonen, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, UCLA, GMCS-301, 4:00 PM
Oct 04Dept. Seminar – Dr. Gregor Blaha, UC Riverside, GMCS-301, 4:00 PM
Oct 11Dept. Seminar – Dr. Gregor Zlokarnik, Vertex Pharmaceuticals, GMCS-301, 4:00 PM
Oct 18Dept. Seminar – Prof. Anna Edlund, J. Craig Venter Institute, GMCS-301, 4:00 PM
Oct 25Dept. Seminar – TBA, , GMCS-301, 4:00 PM
Nov 08Dept. Seminar – Shirley Meng, UC-San Diego, GMCS-301, 4:00 PM
Nov 15Dept. Seminar – Prof. Valerie deCrecy-Lagard, University of Florida, GMCS-301, 4:00 PM


  • Congratulations to Prof. Jing Gu for a new paper in Nature on characterizing lithium ionizing batteries!
  • Profs. Komperda, Bergdahl, and Purse have been awarded a NSF S-STEM scholarship grant in collaboration with Southwestern College. This five-year $5 million grant will provide scholarships for community college chemistry majors transferring to SDSU as well as opportunities for mentored undergraduate research experiences with SDSU chemistry faculty.
  • The NSF has awarded a research grant to Prof. Regis Komperda and her colleagues at Portland State and Auburn Universities for the development of the CHemistry Instrument Review and Assessment Library (CHIRAL). CHIRAL will help the chemistry education community identify high quality assessment instruments for classroom and research use. Congratulations!