CSL building, SDSU

Upcoming Events

Aug 24Dept. Seminar – Lance Elliott, SDSU EH&S, GMCS-301, 4:00 PM
Aug 31Dept. Seminar – Prof. Kathie Seley-Radtke, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, GMCS-301, 4:00 PM
Sep 14Dept. Seminar – Prof. Partho Ghosh, University of California, San Diego, GMCS-301, 4:00 PM
Sep 28Dept. Seminar – Prof. Ulrich Muller , University of California San Diego, GMCS-301, 4:00 PM
Oct 05Dept. Seminar – Prof. L. Marcus Wilhelmsson, Chalmers University, GMCS-301, 4:00 PM
Oct 12Dept. Seminar – Prof. Filipp Furche, Univesity of California, Irvine, GMCS-301, 4:00 PM
Oct 19Dept. Seminar – Prof. Michael Groves, California State University, Fullerton, GMCS-301, 4:00 PM
Oct 26Dept. Seminar – Indra McAlpine, Pfizer , GMCS-301, 4:00 PM
Nov 02Dept. Seminar – Prof. Katarzyna Slowinska, California State University, Long Beach, GMCS-301, 4:00 PM
Nov 09Dept. Seminar – Fu-Ming Tao, California State University, Fullerton, GMCS-301, 4:00 PM


  • Congratulations to Prof. Erica Forsberg and her student Ellen Kuang for their recent publication on imaging mass spectrometry in ACS Nano, based on work carried out jointly with the Scripps Research Institute.
  • See the prominent role of the Chemistry Department in the history of research at SDSU with lead roles by Profs. Ambrose Nichols and Robert Metzger. Learn more about the Department's history.
  • Madison Kennedy, in Prof. Christal Sohl's research group, was one of ten outstanding presenters at this year's Student research Symposium, and will be representing SDSU at the state-wide research symposium in May. Ms. Kennedy is also a recipient of an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, and one of the College of Sciences Outstanding Graduates of 2018! Many congratulations!