Research in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

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researcher at lab table

Physical Chemistry at SDSU

Physical Chemistry is the study of those fundamental laws that govern the behavior of all molecules. If you're a chemist, and you want to understand what you're doing, then you're a physical chemist. P-chem and p-chem-ish labs at SDSU include:

  • David Pullman's group, studying chemistry of nanomaterials and surfaces by experimental and and computational methods;
  • Andrew Cooksy's group, investigating the properties of reactive chemical intermediates in combustion, interstellar chemistry, and biochemistry;
  • Greg Hollans's group, using magnetic resonance spectroscopy to probe the properties of biomaterials;
  • Bill Tong's group, pioneering the application of non-linear spectroscopy to a wide range of chemical analytes, including biochemicals;
  • Karen Peterson, studying the spectroscopic properties of weakly-bonded hydrocarbon complexes.

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